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Complaint Survey

Nutrition Services Division

The purpose of this survey is to submit complaints related to program violations for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), School Breakfast Program (SBP), Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), or Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), agencies. Complaints submitted to the Nutrition Services Division (NSD) are investigated by NSD staff to verify if the allegations are substantiated or unsubstantiated.
Please complete the following survey regarding the complaint, being as specific as possible. All information in this survey is kept confidential. If you would like to be contacted when the complaint is closed regarding the result of the investigation, please provide an email address or mailing address.

If you have any questions regarding this survey or the complaints process, please contact the NSD Civil Rights and Complaints Coordinator by email at
 Complainant Contact Information (Note: any contact information given will not change your ability to remain anonymous.)
 Would you like to remain anonymous?
 How would you like the NSD to contact you if we have any questions regarding your complaint? This information will not be released and is only for the use of the CDE.  (required; select at least one and all that apply)

Sponsor or Site Information

Identifying the NSLP, SBP, CACFP, or SFSP sponsor or site is necessary so that the NSD knows who the complaint is regarding.
 Provide the specific location the complaint took place: (optional)

Allegations of Complaint

The allegation is a claim or assertion that a NSLP, SBP, CACFP, or SFSP agency has done something illegal or wrong. When identifying your allegations, please remember to be as specific as possible including: dates and locations that the issue took place, staff that were involved, and any other relevant details.
 Allegations of the complaint: (1,000 characters maximum)
When a complaint is investigated and a final determination is made, a complaint report is issued. Complainants have the option of receiving a copy of this report, if they choose to.
 Would you like to receive a copy of the complaint report when complaint is closed? If yes, please provide an email so that we may send a report.
 Any other comments? (1,000 characters maximum, optional)
Thank you for completing the NSD Complaints Survey. Once you select the Submit button below, your survey responses will be sent to the Nutrition Services Division and you will be redirected to the CDE USDA Civil Rights and Complaints Web page.