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Child and Adult Care Food Program Management Course 

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Welcome to the California Department of Education (CDE) Nutrition Services Division (NSD) Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Management online course number 456. By completing this online course, you will learn the critical areas of compliance for operating the CACFP in California.

This online course takes approximately one hour to complete. You may log out at any time, but each time you log in you will need to re-enter your contact information.
To complete this course, you will read specific sections of the online CDE CACFP Administrative Manual that pertain to your agency and program type. After completing the registration information below, the required sections that must be read will appear. After reading all of the sections of the CDE CACFP Administrative Manual that pertain to your agency and program type, you will come back to this Course Assessment (which will be opened as a separate tab in your browser), answer assessment questions, print a certification of completion, and submit your responses to the CDE. You must select Submit to notify the CDE NSD that you have completed the training.
Navigation options are available at the bottom of each screen. If you have technical difficulties, please contact the Education and Nutrition Policy Unit by email at for assistance. For questions regarding the course content, please email the CACFP Team at For more information about the CACFP, visit the CDE CACFP web page.

This web-based online course is linked from the CACFP Management course web page on the CDE website.

Registration Information

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The First Name, Last Name, and the date of completion will appear on your certificate of completion. Therefore, to enhance the appearance of your certificate of completion, use full names when entering your contact information. If you are currently participating in the Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) in California, use the business name that appears in the Child Nutrition Information and Payment System (CNIPS) for your district or agency.
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Based on the agency and program type selected, you are required to read the following sections of the CDE CACFP Administrative Manual. After reading the sections below, select Next at the bottom of this page to answer assessment questions.

Section 1: Program Eligibility

1.1 Business Entity Type
1.2 Responsible Principals
1.3 Program Agreement Type
1.4 Licensing Requirements
1.5 Additional Center Requirements
1.6 Performance Standards

Section 2: Participant/Provider Eligibility

2.1 Enrollment Requirements
2.2 Age and Residency Requirements of Participants
2.2 Age and Residency Requirements of Participants

Section 3: Centers Reimbursement Determination

3.1 Child Care Centers Reimbursement Determination
3.2 At-risk Afterschool Center and Emergency Shelter Reimbursement Determinations
3.3 Adult Day Care Centers Reimbursement Determination

Section 5: Claims Reimbursement

5.1 Claims for Reimbursement

Section 6: Financial Management

6.1 Centers Budgets
6.2 Centers Allowable Expenses
6.3 Center Expenditure Tracking and Nonprofit Food Service Status

Section 12: Training

12.1 Training Requirements
Section 13: Day Care Home and Center Sponsor Responsibilities
13.1 Monitoring, Preapproval Visits, and Edit Checks

Section 14 Recordkeeping

14.1 Recordkeeping for Centers

Section 15 Serious Deficiency Process

15.1 Serious Deficiency Process for Centers and Day Care Home Sponsors
Select Next to answer the assessment questions related to the content in the CACFP Administrative Manual.